XYEJL Multipurpose Steam Cleaner, High Temperature Pressure Mobile Cleaning Machine Steam Cleaner Cleaner Machine Portable Steam Cleaner Tools for Floors, Home & Car, Kitchen,110V-1700W

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Are you still annoyed by the cleaning problem?

High-temperature steam completes the cleaning work perfectly through high-pressure, high-temperature steam and powerful jetting force. Easily achieve natural degreasing, quickly and powerfully remove stains, and create a clean and comfortable living space.

-Clean dirt, remove oil, dust, clean dead corners, etc.
-The degreasing speed is fast, and the temperature can reach 130℃.
-Energy saving, short time, less water
-It is made of aluminum alloy for better heat collection effect.
-The gasification part adopts a circular design with the same inlet and outlet holes. Evaporated instantly.
-Through high-pressure and high-temperature steam and powerful injection force, it has multiple protections of anti-dry burning, automatic temperature control and reset.

color: blue
Material: plastic and metal
Voltage (V): 110V/1700W, 220V/3000W
Power (Watts): 1700W/3000w
Steam duration: >30 minutes
Steam temperature: 100-130°C
Steam pressure: 3-5bar
Water consumption: 200-500ml/min
Output temperature: >100°C (maximum temperature: 130°C)
Inlet pipe length: 1.2M
Steam pipe length: 3M
Machine size: 46×30.6×25.5cm
Type: Handheld
Cleaner type: steam cleaner
Water shortage alarm: Yes

1. When in use, the steam vent should not be aimed at people, animals and electrical products.
2. When replacing parts, you must wait until the exhaust port is completely stopped and the air-jet switch cannot be touched.
3. If there are foreign objects during use and the air jet is not smooth, the nozzle should be tightened and the hard objects (usually scale) should be taken out.
4. During use, if you find any difference, please turn off the power immediately and ask a professional to check it.
▶【High Temperature High Pressure Steam Cleaner】This washer uses high-temperature and high-pressure steam to complete natural degreasing, creating a clean and comfortable living space. Our products are often used to clean kitchen hoods, air conditioners, automobiles, gas stoves, wall tiles, etc., with excellent results.
▶【Material】This machine is made of aluminum alloy with good heat collection effect. durable plastic shell, new materials (flame retardant, heat insulation, non-conductive), safer to use. It has multiple protection functions such as anti-dry burning and automatic temperature control.
▶【Unique Design】High temperature steam cleaner, circular spray gun design, which can control the amount of steam and evaporate instantly. Easy to carry, equipped with brush head and elbow, easy to use.
▶【360º Chemical Free Cleaning】Our steam cleaning machine features extended tube 3m that combine high-temperature steam to penetrate deep into the corners of the gap for easy cleaning. 6 gear adjustments, wide-angle spray up to 90 degrees.
▶【Mobile Cleaning Machine Steamer Application】Fast cleaning, the temperature can reach about 120 °C. Save energy, short time, less water, no detergent added. Use the included attachments to steam clean and refresh your car, showers, floors, appliances and more.

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