Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table, Portable Sewing Machine for Beginner. Adjustable 2-Speed 2-Thread Sewing Machine, Mini Electric Sewing Machine with Foot Pedal, for A Variety of Common Fabrics DIY by Flying Banana

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Product Description

easy sewing machineeasy sewing machine

Every easy sewing machine of Flying Banana has new skills, and each generation of products is constantly innovating. Every new small sewing machines will refresh the industry and jointly explore sewing equipment to achieve more functions. What new technologies does sewing mini machine have? Indeed, best sewing machines uses a stepping motor to realize the intelligent control of the stitch length, so that the stitch length is truly accurate, and it can increase the sewing speed by 25% and the efficiency. The spirit of practical design and creative innovation that characterized the company at its beginning continues today as we develop products for every level of sewing.

household sewing machineshousehold sewing machines

Mechanical Sewing MachinesMechanical Sewing Machines Sewing Made Easy.

Mechanical Sewing Machines: Simplicity At Its Finest.

Multi sewing machine is great for small sewing projects and minor repairs. Sewing machine for beginners is small size and rugged, lightweight design make it perfect when traveling.they are small, safe, and extremely easy to use, making them a great way to introduce children to the worlds of sewing, tailoring, quilting and crafting.

Upgraded Purple Mini Portable Electric Sewing Machine

Flying Banana is a brand specializing in the manufacture of household sewing machines. we have adopted the suggestions of millions of users to continuously optimize and develop our portable electric sewing machine to make sewing simple and easy to operate. Our electric sewing machines not only provide efficient sewing services for families, but also bring Endless fun. We always believe, sewing! is a happy and warm thing.

Tap into kids creativity of art craft project and enjoy life’s simple pleasures with the Portable Mini Sewing Machine. Good sewing electrica machines for my anself first simple embroidery machine. Ideal gift for your loved ones on Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Portable Mini Size:Easy to use, compact and lightweight.It’s not heavy that you can place it wherever you like, and you can even carry it to travel. Perfect for women home stitch jobs,like clothes quilters, specially for beginners to learn.

kids sewing machine for beginnerskids sewing machine for beginners

Precautions In Use:

1.Following the indication(or little manual),you can easy to thread the sewing. 2.Only one straight line stitching, designed to support some small stuff or simple sewing. 3.Before starting, please turn the bobbin winder spool a few times and confirm the threads whether is smooth or not. 4.Turn OFF switch on the machine should be in the “OFF” position when using the foot pedal. 5. KIds sewing machine for beginners girls not only a kids sewing machine for beginners, should play or operate under adults duty guidance. Flying Banana provides outstanding service support including:Quick Use Guide、Video for Beginner. Wrong operation will damage the easy sewing machine and bring bad experience we always at your side offering free technical support. 12 preset stitch patterns simplify the learning curve for beginners, allowing them to complete more complex projects. Choose between 2 speeds (high or low) and hand switch or foot pedal i suitable for sewing beginner and complex projects. With a built-in needle threader, adjustable stitch length and width, free arm, and on-board accessory storage. Perfect for craftspeople,small projects or DIY enthusiasts using at home.



1.The featured two-line design (bottom line and surface line) gives you high-quality sewing for all projects. 2.Adjusting the tightness can reduce the confusion and knotting of the needle thread. 3.Without power/battery, turn the handwheel clockwise to sew. 4.Automatic Bobbin Rewinding.Easy to rewinding a new bobbin. 5.Multiplied Electrical Operating.It supports Adapter or Battery power supply. 6.Built-in Thread Cutter and Lamp.provides bright environment .The line can be cut just by a pull.

sewing accessories

sewing accessories

small electric sewing machine

small electric sewing machine

cheap sewing machines for beginners

cheap sewing machines for beginners

Basic sewing machine for beginners

Basic sewing machine for beginners

Superior Sewing Kit: We offer you 100 pcs sewing accessories which includes 64 pcs bobbin with thread, 1 aluminum sheet pierce, 1 needle pack include 100 needles, 1 threader, 1 scissors, 1 screwdriver,1 glue, and 1 tape measure, 1 extension table which makes the sewing machine with table more stable and works better on large project and 1 portable bag fits most needs in sewing.

LED Sewing Light: When you are working,you can see all the details clearly,and easy to threading. This small electric sewing machine is equipped with a working lamp for protecting eyes and reducing fatigue.

Large Extension Table: This portable electric quick repairing sewing machine is equipped with a large extension table, which makes it more convenient to work on large projects, and also keep the cheap sewing machines for beginners more stable during sewing

Foot Pedal Operation: Basic sewing machine for beginners with foot pedal. Concentrated your sewing with both hands and control the speed with Foot Pedal. It also supports the battery supply for outdoor using.

Matters need attentionMatters need attention

Beginner sewing tip: Start with the right machine.

Portable sewing machinePortable sewing machine

This household sewing machine for beginners is suitable for almost any fabrics, includes repairing curtains, bags, pants, shirts, t-shirts, jeans and making your own craft etc. 1.The Linen, cotton, denim, soft jeans, hard silk, hard wool, thin cavas and regular polyester 2.The fabric that thickness of two layers are over 8mm is not suggested. 3.Elastic fabric is not suggested. 4.The default is 90/14 needle, and 75/11, 80/12 and 100/16 needles are also available. 5. Portable sewing machine is perfect for some small cases sewing, such as child’s pants patches buttons/clothing labels for kid/ shopping bag/ curtains apron/ purse/ DIY.

Flying Banana mechanical sewing machines are easy to use and maintain, and they have manual controls that stand the test of time. Popular stitches are built in to handle basic sewing, home projects, alterations and more. EASY SEWING MACHINE FOR BEGINNERS: This mini sewing machine is designed for your daily uses for beginners, You don’t have to be experienced before using the small electric sewing machine. You can do good job at many home sewing projects with it. Whether you’ve been sewing for years or not, you need a best sewing machines on the new world of needlework and want a beginner’s kit, this sewing mini machine gets the job done. Use this starter sewing machine to make a suit for yourself. Compact sewing machine is a good gift for kids and beginners. Put on a new coat for your home furniture. Believe me, you can do it with this little sewing machine.

【Portable mini sewing machine】 Mini, lightweight and durable sewing machine is very suitable gifts for beginners! Especially suitable for Halloween and Christmas crafts DIY. It is also suitable for daily home decoration sewing and clothing sewing.
【Double Thread Design & 2 Speed Mode】 Two-speed two-wire, automatic rewinding, built-in thread cutter and work light make it easier for beginners to learn and enjoy it.
【Simple operation】 Simple threading, with only one stitch, not complicated. The special cuff groove design is very suitable for sewing cuffs and trouser legs.
【SMALL BUT STABLE】The light base sewing machine is upgraded with a large extension table and speed control Foot Pedal., can be more stable during sewing large projects.Comes with beginner sewing accessory kits for immediate use.
【Power Supply Mode】Compatible with 2 power modes, using 4 x AA batteries or DC 6V power adapter (AA batteries are not included). Without power, battery, you can turn the hand wheels clockwise to sew.
【The Perfect Gift】The sewing machine kit can be used as a gift for friends, family, lovers, children, beginners, etc. Especially in the holidays such as Children’s Day, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween and Christmas.
【Six Month Guarantee】 The sewing machine has many functions, you can watch the video teaching if you don’t understand it. Of course, you can also contact us by e-mail, and we are ready to help every customer.

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