IETS GT202UB vacuum laptop fan cooler With temperature display, intelligent temperature measurement cooling, 13 wind speed (2600-5000RPM turbo fan) ,Perfect for Rapid Cooling of gaming laptop

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Product Description


Fashion appearance

fashion appearancefashion appearance

Same grille as supercar, simple and elegant

Three core designs create efficient cooling effect







1.High-speed blower(2600-5000Rpm)

Powerful engine, it is a high-speed blower with a maximum speed of 5000 rpm, while the fan of a traditional laptop cooler generally rotates at less than 1000 rpm

2.Tight silicon shroud(Available in three sizes)

An air guide sleeve is installed at the connection with the laptop to prevent air leakage to increase the wind pressure and pull the hot air out of the laptops

3.Low-resistance air duct

After the hot air is pulled out, it enters the air duct with low wind resistance to ensure the continuous and smooth circulation of the hot air

How to judge whether your laptop or other equipment can be cooled by GT202UB?


Whether the silicon shrouds match the heat dissipation holes of your device is the key factor.

Your laptop should meet these requirements:

1. There is a side or back vent on your laptop and its size does not exceed about 4.6″L x 1.6″H

2. The bottom surface near the vent is flat to stick an adhesive mount

3. If the vent is on the back, please notice our cooler will cause the lid open about 135 degree

❤【Three cores】:High-speed blower(2600-5000Rpm), Tight silicon shroud(Available in three sizes), and Low-resistance air duct, these three designs create a Rapid Cooling vacuum laptop cooler
❤【Smart laptop cooler】: it has a temperature detection function, and can automatically select the fan speed according to the temperature of the air outlet of the laptop, saving and efficient
❤【Retractable clip arm】: It can make the cooler and the laptop firmly combined, and allows the cooler to move with the laptop
❤【Dust-proof net】: can effectively reduce the accumulation of dust inside the cooler and prolong its service life
❤【Buy with confidence】:2-year warranty, lifetime maintenance

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