Equator Outdoor Air Conditioner

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(as of Feb 10,2022 07:34:02 UTC – Details)

The Equator Advanced Appliances OAC 2000 Outdoor Air Conditioner is exactly what you need to keep cool and comfortable this summer. This portable AC is the low noise, eco-friendly alternative when you need to cool off the warehouse or shop, or comfortably enjoy a barbeque or family dinner outside. Simply point the duct to the area that needs to be cooled. The all-metal design won’t rust or corrode, and the electronics inside are waterproof so you can stay cool and comfortable no matter what mother nature brings. This unit measuring 22.4 x 18.9 x 11 inches (HxWxD) is also rich with features that prevent overheating or other damage-causing issues if they would arise. No installation is required, so easily move this AC unit using the universal wheels to create a chilled paradise wherever you need it the most!
POWER-OFF PROTECTION: Unlock complete peace of mind knowing this unit will shut off if any issues arise
COMPRESSOR OVER-LOAD PROTECTION: Feel protected that this portable AC will shut off if it detects any motor overheating potential
POWERFUL COOLING CAPACITY: Quick cool down a targeted area outside thanks to the built-in compressor that delivers approx. 7,000 BTUs.
ANTI-RUST & ANTI-CORROSION METAL DESIGN: A silver painted, all-metal design made to last. Comes with protection cover.
FREESTANDING: No installation required, so simply move this portable AC unit where you need it the most
WATERPROOF: Waterproof electronic parts inside the unit means it can safely sit outside even during heavy downpours
QR CODE: Easily scan the QR code located right on the unit to quickly access the owners manual, warranty information, and more

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