Casey-Pop Premium Stovetop Popcorn Popper

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The Casey-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Poppers continue the Casey-Pop tradition with the same simple design and upgraded features. The stovetop popcorn popper is ready to pop for any occasion. You can pop a single bowl or up to 4 quarts of popcorn at one time. The wide opening/lid with the offset hinge makes it easy to pour out some of the popcorn while you continue to pop. The simple stirring mechanism will not bind or break over time. The shape of the bowl will move the popped corn away from the heat as the popcorn pops, avoiding burned corn. In the end, you can easily serve up enough popcorn for 4 people.
THE ENGINEERED POPPER, designed by the mantra “form follows function” by an engineer with over 40 years experience and 38 patents to his credit. Every feature and detail is thoroughly engineered with the single goal of improving the popping experience and produce the best popcorn ever.
THE PATENTED ANGLED STIRRING SHAFT allows the lid to encompass most of the top and eliminates pesky gears, giving easy pouring of the contents since the popcorn inside easily pushes the lid open. At least double the volume of the bowl can be popped in one batch by pouring out a little at a time. No waiting for the second batch to be done – all in the time of a single batch. This is probably the best-loved feature of them all!
THE ELLIPTICAL CURVATURE of the bowl effectively concentrates the heat at the unpopped kernels, separating and directing the popped flakes upward and outward, preventing premature burning.
PURE 3003 ALUMINUM .080 thick is used for the bowl, preventing rapid overheating and the consequent burning of popped flakes. With the lid permanently attached there is no falling off at the least opportune time and the large opening makes it easy to clean. Even the stirrer easily lifts up so the bottom can be thoroughly cleaned.
THE PREMIUM MODEL includes durable clear anodized aluminum surfaces for easier cleaning as well as a stylish curved maple handle. The INDUSTRIAL MODEL is made of the same thickness aluminum and has a form-follows-function straight maple handle.

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