CalmDo Indoor Smokeless Grill, Electric BBQ Grill and Non-Stick Griddle Plates with 3 Temperature Control, Removable Drip Tray, Tempered Glass Lid and 14” X 7.9” Grilling Surface

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Product Description

CalmDo Smokeless BBQ Grill: Bring Health and Favor Together

electric grill

electric grill

Indoor grilling can also be fun. If you can’t use a propane or traditional coal grill, due to regulations or your own time restrictions, CalmDo Electric Grill is a good choice. Apartment dwellers can take heart that this smokeless barbecue grill is electric, safe to use both outdoors and indoors.

3 Temperature Settings

Smokeless Cooking

Cooking Evenly

Large Cooking Surface

Safer to Use: Conventional grills generally use charcoal as fuel. When grilling, the oil drips on the charcoal and then produces dense smoke containing carcinogens, which is very harmful to human body. Electric grill adopts Turbo Speed Smoke Extractor Technology that attracts every bit of smoke to create a smokeless environment.
Less Grease: CalmDo Smokeless Grill uses electric heating tube to heat the food. During grilling, the food grease drip off immediately without repeated infiltration of oil, so the grilled food contains less grease.
Cook More Evenly: With double U-shaped heating tubes, it heats up more evenly, making food juicy and tender. This electric grill gives you consistent results with food just like the one prepared at restaurants.
Faster Cooking: The bbq grill cooks food in less time due to the cast aluminum construction which heats up food at a rapid pace.

Non-stick Coating

Grilling surface is nonstick coating for easy clean with gentle wiping. It is also dishwasher safe.

indoor grill

With a temperature needle, it will stop heating if the internal temperature is too high.

smokeless grill

1 Non-stick Coating
2 Overheat Protection
3 PFOA-FREE Material

CalmDo Smokeless Grill- An easy way to get the authentic grilled flavor indoor!

You can make delicious crepes and pancakes for breakfast, or produce various grilled meats, vegetables, seafood, etc. for party.

Korean BBQ Grill

Food grease will drip off to the oil collection pan through the drip tray, making food healthier.

Electric BBQ Grill

It can prevent food residues’ entry and avoid odor, extending the lifetime of the grill.

Electric BBQ Grill

Grill plates, oil collection pan, snap-off fan cover are all detachable and dishwasher safe.

electric grill with glass lid

It creates a perfect seal over food and locks hot air inside. It is also helpful in reducing smoke.

electric smokeless grill

Just rotate the knob to get the optimal cooking temperature , achieving the grilled taste you love.

1 Removable Drip Tray
2 Snap-off Fan Cover
3 Detachable Design
4 Tempered Glass Lid
5 Easy Operation

Is the non-stick grill teflon coating with pfoa?

The nonstick coating has the FDA approval, which does not contain PFOA and PFOS. It is totally safe to use.

Does this electric grill trigger any smoke alarms?

This smokeless grill adopted Turbo Smoke Extractor Technology and it will not trigger any smoke alarms. When you are cooking, please turn on the fan and it can extract 85% of oil smoke at least.

Can you get a nice grill mark on a steak?

To achieve the perfect grill marks, please adjust the temperature control to the maximum setting when cooking meats. Meanwhile, please preheat the grill pan for 3-4 minutes before cooking.

Do I need to add water to the water tray like other smokeless grills to eliminate the smoke?

It is recommended to add 2 cups of water to the oil collection pan to prevent the grease with high temperature from damaging the oil pan. Meanwhile, it can make the grease float on the water surface for easy cleaning.

Are all the detachable parts dishwasher-safe?

The grill plates, oil collection pan and snap-off fan can be put in the dishwasher. As to the drip tray, it is recommended to clean it by hand as it may discolor in the dishwasher.

STRONG SMOKE EXTRACTION: CalmDo smokeless grill adopts advanced airflow technology and a smoke capture fan with 3200rpm, virtually all the hot smoke can be captured, providing you and your family a perfect indoor BBQ without smoke and odor
3-LEVEL TEMPERATURE SETTINGS: This electric grill comes with a temperature control system, allowing you to easily adjust the cooking temperature from 176° F to 446° F to achieve the perfect amount of doneness that you want
DUAL COOKING SURFACE: This contact grill comes with a non-stick grill and a flat griddle plate. The griddle plate is suitable for pancakes, eggs and bacon; the grill plate can achieve authentic grill marks on ribs, steak and fish
OVERHEAT PROTECTION: This electric BBQ grill is equipped with a temperature needle, it will automatically stop heating if the internal temperature is too high. Besides, dual temperature control protection devices makes it safer to use
EASY TO CLEAN: The non-stick coating makes the grill plate easier to be cleaned with gentle wiping. The grill plates, oil collection pan and snap-off fan cover are detachable and dishwasher safe. NOTE: The drip tray may discolor in the dishwasher, please clean it manually

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